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How a Custom Home Builder Innovates the Industry

New Construction two story home in Kansas City with Indoor Water FeatureA plantation style custom built home, nestled away on some of the most beautiful Midwestern land- with a panoramic view of our city within a forest. As you proceed up the winding brick driveway, the scent of nature fills the air and as you get closer- the potted hydrangeas give it all a magical feel. The home is a marvelous piece of custom built art. The pillars stand tall and give the home a palace like feel. Every detail is unbelievably stunning all the way down to the wrap around deck and custom-built porch swing for the entire family to enjoy.

Kansas City Contemporary KitchenThe entrance is awe-inspiring, something out of a fairy tale. You are greeted by beautiful arches and a winding double grand staircase, dressed in dark hardwood and incredibly white walls. As you flow to the kitchen the rich hardwood floors are a spectacular view, tied with the coffered ceiling and every element in between is breathtaking.

The striking marble and stone fireplace climb from the living room floor to the ceiling, giving it a dramatic feel. The custom moldings throughout the home literally make it one of a kind. The master bedroom is magnificent, with amazing rustic wood vaulted ceilings and gorgeous neutral colors make it a beautiful sight to see.

Sounds like a dream come true, right? A beautiful home, built exactly the way you want, without all the hassles- making it easy and fun. Randy, with Fountain City Custom Homes, has been building homes since he was a boy. He would visualize the floor plans and draw them on scratch paper! Randy began his career with an Engineering degree from Kansas State University (Go Wildcats!) in Construction Science.

Randy, is a visionary and can help you create your dream home in every step of the process, no matter how large or small that dream home is. Over the past 26 years, Randy has built over 500 homes, each home custom tailored to the homeowner’s personal lifestyle.

So, we interviewed Randy to see how Fountain City Custom Homes has innovated the custom home building industry.

Blog Dispensary: Tell me about yourself and your business.

Randy: I began my career with an Engineering degree from Kansas State University in Construction Science. My background includes working as a Project Engineer for commercial companies, as well as owning and managing my own design/construction company since 1981 in both the residential and commercial markets in Kansas City and the surrounding areas. The Fountain City Custom Homes Mission is to design beautiful, livable and affordable custom homes for each client: to make the process easy and affordable for you, with a commitment to quality and integrity. “It takes a certain type of builder to build a custom home,” said Randy “A builder with patients,” he added!

Blog Dispensary: What do you find most enjoyable about building custom homes?

Randy: “Your home is your castle. It is where you will raise your kids and it is the largest asset you will purchase. Your home is something you should be proud of and satisfied with,” said Randy. The excitement and buzz of designing the home with the family is the most enjoyable part. Most families come to us with random ideas and sketches. We take their dreams, ideas, thoughts and build a home with them. A home full of authentic passion, family treasures, and built with love and pride!

Blog Dispensary: What are “Green Homes” and how do they impact our environment?

Randy: At Fountain City Custom Homes we take great pride in the fact that we offer homes to be built using sustainable green products that are eco-friendly and conserve energy. We are building homes that are Energy Star 3, the latest in efficiency rated homes here in Kansas City. “It takes a lot of energy, water, and materials to build a home,” Randy said. At Fountain City Custom Homes, we take human health and our environment very seriously.

Blog Dispensary: What is a “Smart Home” and what are the benefits of living in one?

Randy: {Laughing} Let me tell you a story… In 1993, we were building some large homes in Deercreek. Unknowingly, I had my brother design and develop software for a client who wanted a voice activated home. We named her Charlie. She would respond when you called her by name “Charlie, turn off the fountain” and Charlie would answer back by turning off the fountain. Today, smart homes are becoming very popular as you can control every aspect of your home with your cell phone, from your fireplace, T.V., stove, lights, bathtub- to the garage door. They help save on your electricity bill by monitoring the air temperature and adjusting according to your settings. Smart homes are the future of homes and we are innovating the way.

Blog Dispensary: What makes Fountain City’s custom molding unique and intricate?

Randy: The cool part about that is we manufacture our own molding in our own facility. You can come to us with any style of trim you want and we will try to make it. This is one of the many ways we create a one-of-a-kind home and not just a boring house. The staff at Fountain City Custom Homes also makes their own in-house specialty casements and fireplace surrounds. These specialty items are one of many unique features that Fountain City can add to your home’s distinctive style and beauty.

Blog Dispensary: Why is interior design important? And, how does having Terrie on your team, make you stand out?

Randy: Terrie has been with us for 15 years. She has a Fine Arts Degree from the University of Kansas. She assists clients with color selections, interior, and exterior finishes and advises in the current design. Her passion is helping her clients create beautiful and inviting places to live in and she does a wonderful job of that. When you build a home, it is about 80% complete. The walls are still boring, white and plain, you need an artist, they fill the next 10%. The last 10% is the most important part- the design and that is where Terrie’s expertise comes into play! She helps turn your four walls into a breathtakingly beautiful custom-built home.

Blog Dispensary: What would your employees say are the top 3 reasons they love working for you?

Randy: I am easy to get along with! They love the variation of their job. All our employees are cross-trained to do other things within the company. That way they are always busy, never bored and able to do something different. We make sure to pay all our employees so they can support their families and live an abundant and happy life. Our employees are proud of the homes they have built. They share the stories with their loved ones and table talk with friends about their masterpieces.

Blog Dispensary: How do you foster creative and innovative thinking within your organization? Where do all the great ideas come from?

Randy: {Laughing Again} I think outside of the box- way outside of the box, in a 3D view. I listen to my client’s creative thoughts carefully and can shut my eyes and visualize their dream home. “That comes with practice,” said Randy.

Blog Dispensary: How do you help clients create their dream home?

Randy: Client’s come to me with many different ideas. We narrow those ideas down and draft them on paper. The clients can glide through the entire custom home building process with me as we are your one stop shop from imported cabinets, financing, architectural plans, custom trim packages and interior design. The Fountain City team will respond to your questions and ideas with creativity, function, and style, which sets us apart from the crowd!

Blog Dispensary: Thank you so much for chatting with me today. As we wrap up, can you leave us with some thoughts about how Fountain City Custom Home’s is transforming the industry?!

Randy: My team is committed to our clients, to helping them create livable spaces reflecting their own style in their home, that are affordable. They are passionate, detailed, and provide in-depth personal service. We strive to create dreams; dreams that reflect our customer's visions and lifestyles. Our customers are never disappointed with their new custom home because it was designed and built just for them! We are there for our customers every step of the way and provide a painless process from financing, design, build, and interior.

At Fountain City Custom Homes, we don’t build houses, we build homes.

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